Гидрокостюм XTERRA Vortex Sleeveless, женский

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The 2019 Vortex Sleeveless redefines XTERRA's most popular sleeveless wetsuit.It's the #1 best selling sleeveless wetsuit in North America for the past five years.

Optimally designed for increased flexibility and buoyancy, the Vortex Sleeveless is ideal for athletes who want an all-around wetsuit in the water. The sleeveless design provides natural range of motion while racing and training, providing athletes the best output per stroke.

Good advertising, fancy sponsored athletes, and great marketing can't paint over a bad experience. This is why we sell the Vortex Sleeveless wetsuit. When you are looking for a sleeveless wetsuit - unrestricted arm movement - simple is better.


  1. Front: 5mm thick neoprene from neck to ankles
  2. Back: 3mm Super GKA neoprene


  1. Low-Profile Collar:
    Adds comfort and increased durability, ensuring that the suit stays intact and in place.
  2. X-MAX Seam-Seal Technology:
    Uses a triple layer of glue and double-blind stitching to ensure long-lasting waterproof seams.
  3. Sleeveless Design:
    Allows for a more natural feel in the water, reducing drag and increasing freedom of movement.

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